Semiconductor Housings

LAPP Insulators Alumina develops and manufactures for you vacuum tight, high power semiconductor housings for chip diameter of 1 to 6 inches. In this ceramic-to-metal composites aluminum oxide ceramic can be brazed to a range of metals such as nickel-iron-alloys or non magnetic copper. All housings are 100% tested for vacuum seal by helium leak tight method down to 10-8 mbarL/s. We guarantee flatness of the contact faces for housings to micrometers,  providing optimum energy transfer. In order to achieve maximum voltage capabilities, creepage paths and clearances are carefully matched to the specific, individual applications of our customers. 

Since 2013, LAPP Insulators Alumina successfully designing with Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA) ceramic-to-metal-parts. This has reduced the development times up to 70%. Using FEM enables reliable predictions about the stress distribution, the fracture probability and the lifetime of the products or its sub-components. The various components in the housing assembly can be matched that way, that already the prototype design consists of optimized design variants. The number of prototypes required during the development phase is thus often significantly reduced. That saves time and development costs. LAPP Insulators Alumina develops components hand-in-hand with you right up to series manufacturing. The simulation work requires one-to-two weeks, but the costs of such a simulation are often below the equivalent costs of initial sample tooling.